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8th Annual Cigar for the Troops DriveBy: SenorPablo
The 8th Annual Cigars for Troops drive is underway. This is a great opportunity to give back to those who protect our freedoms and earn the coveted "Troop Supporter" badge at the same time. You can find information here: A special thanks goes out to Nathan (nwb) for running the drive again.
Toys for Tots Drive 2015By: SenorPablo
The 2015 Marine Toys for Tots drive raised a very generous total of over $2000 that was passed along to Toys for Tots. This was a excellent opportunity for brotherhood to contribute to a great organization that provides gifts for those less fortunate children in time for Christmas. A special thanks goes out to Brad (Longhorn) for running the drive again.
September Points Contest is Under Way!By: SenorPablo
The points contest is under way for the month of September. The 26 members with the most points for the month have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to CI. You can read the details HERE. To view the previous month's contest results see here.

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Cigar Geeks Critiques - Vendor Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
Camacho Liberty 2016August, 201677
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: nirab (nirab)
This is the tale of two cigars. The first half of the 2016 Liberty was a disappointment. It lacked i... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2016August, 201688
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Brian (bstessl)
I'd like to thank Kevin (Wescat) and Cigars At Your Price for including me in this GC.

Overal... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2016August, 201696
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Don Miller (DonM)
First, this cigar is a work of art and an event to smoke. A cigar worth smoking.  The mix ... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2016August, 201687
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Dave S. (Dave S.)
I like Camacho cigars, and I’ve had particularly good experiences with the Liberty series; however, ... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2016August, 201690
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Steve Ladd (Caveman Steve)
I really enjoyed this years version of the Camacho Liberty.  Such a smooth package both vi... Read More

Cigar Geeks Critiques - Member Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
San Cristobal de La Habana La PuntaSeptember, 201692
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Brlesq
This is one of the more enjoyable ISOMs in my opinion.  It hit all the right cylinders in ... Read More
San Cristobal de La Habana La PuntaSeptember, 201685
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Gary D (headfirst)
Thanks a bunch to Stephen for generously sending this along with some pals and sending it months ahe... Read More
San Cristobal de La Habana La PuntaSeptember, 201686
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Jared (The Burn Ward)
Smoking a well made habano is a treat. I would surely reach for this cigar again. It had a nice amou... Read More
San Cristobal de La Habana La PuntaSeptember, 201671
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: junglepete
Thank you to Stephen for the opportunity to try another Cuban. At no fault of his own, this cigar fa... Read More
San Cristobal de La Habana La PuntaSeptember, 201684
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Steve Ladd (Caveman Steve)
Overall, I enjoyed this cigar, but the inconsistency of it was unfortunate.  That said, I ... Read More

Recent Cigar Reviews [All Cigar Reviews] [Cigar Database]
Cigar Rating Reviewer Date
San Cristobal Revelation Legend4 Star RatingChadboskie9/28/2016 8:06 PM
This is a great cigar. Nice solid feel from the box press with a good burn. Flavors of coffee some spice and it left a musty flavor with the finish that lasted long until the bext draw.
Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro Robusto Gordo3.5 Star Ratinggitfiddl9/27/2016 6:53 PM
I, too, got this from BMac.  It looked really good and cut cleanly.  Nothing special flavor-wise, just great Partagas tastes: leather, wood, some pepper and cedar.  The wrapper was a mottled chocolaty brown,  the draw was fine.  The only thing that kept me from rating this a 4 was the burn tried to follow a vein in the wrapper and needed a lot of help not to do so.  I thought it was more medium than full-bodied.  It won't replace the Black as my favorite non-ISOM Partagas cigar, but it comes close.  
Lost & Found (formerly B/C/S, Impromptu) Rebel Bingo4.5 Star RatingGVH9/26/2016 12:03 AM
Delightful old Camacho Corojo with the real Camacho "twang."  Great smoke after a year of rest. Cool smoke, perfect nubber - nice progression of flavors through the the entire smoke.
Punch Grand Cru Robusto Maduro4 Star Ratingntanner9/25/2016 5:02 PM
     Nice looking cigar with a slight sheen and a very solid cannon. The cut is good and the draw is a bit firm initially. It takes a toast well and smoke production is ok in the beginning.
     Initial flavors are sweet with a berry note and some vanilla hint's. Balance is good and the start is quite enjoyable.
     The second third is marked by the appearance of wood notes and a bit of mocha. still some sweet notes but not as dominant as before. Burn has been good so far and ash which is almost pure white has held almost to the halfway point.
     the wood and espresso continue into the last third but I am also getting some leather now. Balance has remained good through the entire smoke and although I would have liked more, smoke production was OK.
     This is a nice cigar to keep in the rotation. About a medium full strength with a nice array of flavors and good balance make this a cigar I will buy more of.
Rocky Patel Connecticut Toro1.5 Star RatingChadboskie9/25/2016 10:02 AM
Ive tried a few of these and they never burn good. I don't think ive been able to finish one of them. Its too bad because the flavors at the beginning are pretty good and smooth, but then the issues start
CAO Flathead V660 Carb4 Star RatingCigary9/23/2016 1:47 PM

This cigar was enjoyed with Drambuie

Pre-Light: 18 Points of 20 Possible
.....everything checks out and all the boxes are very positive for this cigar. No flaws...firm but not the smell of this cigar.

Light & Burn: 14 Points of 15 Possible

14....When I do any review I always take my time with my lighting ritual to give a cigar a good start. I use a soft flame to cook the foot and after 2 minutes the end is a nice cherry red.  I tend to gauge how well  cigar is going to burn from
the first inch and this is a good 14 points because it didn't waver one bit..razor sharp which I give credit to keeping it in my humidor until the last possible day before sending in this review.
Construction: 28 Points of 30 Possible
...Construction again is flawless as if it were made and rolled by a computer controlled program that ensures that the cigar is made to smoke at its best.  

Flavor: 32 Points of 35 Possible

Now it's time to get into the guts of this cigar.  I can remember smoking the 450 a year or so ago and loved that cigar and in the bigger RG it doesn't really lose any of its appeal as far as taste is concerned.  There is usually a disconnect when you smoke these big fat cigars where the wrapper gets lost in the overall taste...where the filler takes on an overwhelming  part of the experience.  Not sure how CAO was able to capture the essence of being able to expand the RG and not lose any part of the taste.  It is a nice not overly complex cigar but one gets a a trio of flavors that I typically look for anyway which is some coffee, leather and hints of pepper/red pepper and some sweetness that seems to come into play off and on.  The nice thing about a large RG is that it doesn't suffer the syndrome of getting hot...I tend to do the puff puff draw type of smoking so it always smoked nice and cool all the way through.  I've yet to smoke this brand with more than a few months of rest on them and I need to give it a try with about 6 months just to see what it's like...that means I need to buy a 5 pak and experiment with it over a 3, 6, 9 month to a year term.  

All things being said about this review is that IMO this is a cigar not to be missed out on.  I've read other reviews about this cigar and it certainly has a good following and fan base and most if not all say the same things in regards to this particular cigar.
Gurkha/ K. Hansotia & Co. Ghost Shadow2 Star Ratinggitfiddl9/21/2016 6:05 PM
This particular cigar was a gift from a friend about a month prior to smoking.  It was a good looking cigar, with a nice wrapper with a couple small veins and a band that had a "prizm tape" effect to it.  The cap cut cleanly and the initial draw was fine.  The flavors were coffee, cashew and leather.  An inch in, one of the veins in the wrapper didn't want to burn and it needed constant attention with the torch.  Midway through, I had to let the cigar rest for a few minutes, as I was running errands on the way home from work.  I got back to the cigar after about five to ten minutes. I took a draw and got some smoke, but the draw was really tight.  I knocked off the ash, blew through the cigar.  An inspection of the foot showed a cherry red core with unburned tobacco around it.  I took my cutter and cut through about an inch of the ashy foot before I got to unlit leaf.  At that point, I tossed it and chalked it up to another iffy cigar with a K. Hansotia pedigree.    
Ashton Cabinet Selection No. 64 Star RatingGhuskey9/21/2016 1:09 PM
    The Aston Caninet is one of my 3 top-rated Connecticuts, joining the Montecristo White Series Vintage Connecticut and the Drew Estate Undercrown Shade.
    It is satisfyingly meaty, reminding me of the Undercrown, and unusually spicy, reminding me of the Nee World Connecticut. Some cedar and nuts. It was smooth, but I wouldn't call it creamy. There was too much spice to be creamy. The burn and smoke output were both satisfiying as well. I think it has enough body to serve as an evening smoke as well as a morning one.
    I recommend this one though it is a bit pricey.
Montecristo Monte Toro1.5 Star RatingiCoNik9/21/2016 1:10 AM
Must have had a dud. Even so, flavor just didn't do it for me. Wouldn't stay lit either. Put it out pretty quick and smoked something else. Had some wood and nutty flavor, but went sour real quick.
Illuminati Crusade Robusto1.5 Star Ratinggitfiddl9/20/2016 4:58 PM
This cigar had been in my humidor for just over five years.  I think it was a freebie thrown into a order from the now defunct Charmed Leaf Cigars.  It looked and felt really good, but that's where the goodness stopped for me.  I gave it about two inches for the overwhelming bitterness to turn into something almost enjoyable.  It failed to do so and the cigar subsequently become one with the tarmac on my drive home.

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