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10th Annual Cigar for the Troops DriveBy: SenorPablo
The 10th Annual “Cigars for Troops” drive is underway. This is a great opportunity to give back to those who protect our freedoms and earn the coveted "Troop Supporter" badge at the same time. You can find information here: A special thanks goes out to Nathan (nwb) for running the drive again.
September Points Contest is Under Way!By: SenorPablo
The points contest is under way for the month of September. The 26 members with the most points for the month have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Famous Smoke Shop. You can read the details HERE. To view the previous month's contest results see here.

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Cigar Geeks Critiques - Vendor Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
Camacho Liberty 2005 ThrowbackAugust, 201893
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Jason (jharrisx5)
I'll preface my conclusion with an admission... I'm a big fan of the Camacho Liberty line of cigars.... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2005 ThrowbackAugust, 201890
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Chuck (Cfickter)
I have not smokes the original 2005 so I have no true comparison, but I have smoked every one since ... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2005 ThrowbackAugust, 201891
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Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Don Miller (DonM)
I really enjoyed this Liberty as I do every year.  The cigar smoked very well with nice fl... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2005 ThrowbackAugust, 201872
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Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Jeff (Cap10_Morgan)
Don't let the low score fool you.  If your only concern is construction, then this might n... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2005 ThrowbackAugust, 201884
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Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Gustoff
I did not have the privilege to experience one of the actual 2005 Liberties that are so highly rated... Read More

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Illusione GigantesSeptember, 201884
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Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Gary (headfirst)
Thanks to Rich for telling me I will be reviewing this one, ha ha.  It was a pleasure to g... Read More
Illusione GigantesSeptember, 201891
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Written by Cigar Geeks Member: klamm143
From start to finish I liked this stick - definitely something I'll buy at some point. Also with a p... Read More
Illusione GigantesSeptember, 201887
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Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Stephen (appollo)
Thanks Rich for including me in this critique.The smoke time is do set a side some time for ... Read More
Illusione GigantesSeptember, 201890
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Barry (benchjockey)
The reason I jumped at the opportunity to review this cigar is that it hits squarely into my flavor ... Read More
Illusione GigantesSeptember, 201889
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Byron (Beegerply)
I enjoyed this cigar it was not overly complex but it had enough to keep my entrust. It took awhile ... Read More

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Cigar Rating Reviewer Date
Por Larranaga (Cuban) Montecarlos (Handmade)3.5 Star RatingSilverstix9/21/2018 7:22 AM

Rested 40 days in humidor @ 65%

Appearance: 12/15 - An average looking stick.  Sure a little on the rustic side, but not terrible. Light Colorado colored wrapper, couple of veins, a little bit of a soft/springy feel, finished with a triple cap. Bit of a sweet and musty smell to the wrapper.

Smoking Characteristics: 23/25 - Really good experience smoking wise. Burn was a tad open, but I'd rather have it that way instead of being plugged. The burn line was on autopilot, never requiring any touch ups. Ash held on solid for 1" before I dumped it in the ash tray. Smoked it slow, almost to the point of going out before taking another draw. Smoke stayed cool the entire time.

Taste: 21/25 - This was a really pleasant, mild and creamy smoke. It had a mostly sweet and musty flavor profile which matched the cold aromas. Dashes of spice (cinnamon) came and went a couple of times. Finish is on the short side, body is mild-medium. Not a ton of transitions or complexity, but I enjoyed what I got.

Overall: 32/35 - A winner in my book. Price is right, smoke time was about 70 minutes, mild-medium bodied making it a mellow easy going smoke.

Total: 88 Points
Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie Dirty Rat4 Star RatingSilverstix9/20/2018 7:51 AM
Got this from Kid Montana as a part of the "Good Advice" contest winnings.  He said it was from 2015, and it rested in my humidor for 10 days after receiving it.

Appearance: 14/15 - My favorite vitola, and a great looking cigar. The wrapper is a really unique color of dark brown, almost black, and other areas where it's a rusty color. Good amount of oils, and a fantail cap to finish it off. The smell is strong cedar, likely from being in a humidor for 3 years. The foot looks a little underfilled.

Smoking Characteristics: 20/25 - unfortunately, this cigar was plugged pretty badly. My perfect draw tool didn't really help much. Due to the plugged draw, the burn line suffered for most of the first half with the cigar tunneling and going out twice. The second half of the cigar saw the burn line settle down and develop a really slow smoke. The tale of two cigars, such is life.

Taste: 22/25 - No doubt, the taste experience was hampered by the bad burn and the bad draw. I picked up sort of a syrupy hickory type of thing going on. It was nice. In the second half of the cigar when the burn line settled, the hickory/peppery/sweetness really came into it's own and was a very tasty cigar. I'd say solidly medium-full bodied, strength snuck up on me to medium-full as well by the end.

Overall: 32/35 - Great looking cigar, but I don't think the smoking experience was a fair representation of the product. The flavors were good, I can see this being a really great smoke when the construction is where it should be, I chalk it up to an outlier based on the great reviews that this cigar gets worldwide. Will try again and I expect great things.

Total: 88 Points with a ton of room to improve next time
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park3.5 Star RatingChefjohn9/19/2018 3:39 PM
This was part of a bomb from Mautrak and he estimated it had 6 years on it. I rested it for 33 days @ 65%. This stick was solidly constructed with consistent Claro color and no soft spots. The PLA was a mild tobaco. The cigar cut cleanly and the PLD was moderate but free. It toasted and lit easily, burned very evenly and required no touch ups. The flavor while not overly complex was light but rich and post light the draw was very free and produce liberal amounts of smoke. This is a very solid smoke when you want something on the lighter side and makes a great yardgar. I was lucky enough to find a special on CI last month for a 5’er for $5. This will be a regular in my humidor.
Madrigal Picador Butt1 Star RatingCarlosoftHUN9/19/2018 1:53 AM
I will not write a long review about this.
It is a cigar which is introduced in 2017, and created by the partnership of Puros Santa Clara and John Bodycombe.

It is intended to be a good value, good priced every day cigar, but according to my palate, they could not make it.

First look the construction looks good, the cigar itself is very stiff, dense, and you almost unable to squiz it, because it is so dense. Surprisingly it is not heavy in weight though.
It has a single cap, and I will come back to this a bit later.
It has two band, which looks great by the first sight, but they are cheap color printed satin papers, with low resolution print on it, which makes it look bad.

Lighting and burning:
It was easy to cut the cigar, but the remaining "ring" of the cap was breaking, and it started to come off, right after I started to smoke, which made the whole ceremony of smoke challenging.
Burning evenly, by a normal pace, and holds the ash pretty well, so cant complaint about that

Taste and Aroma:
This is the main point where this cigar was earned the bad score from me.
Apart from the fact that could not smell too much from pre-light, but during smoke all I felt:
- harsh taste from the beginning to the end
- tartness and some kind of bitterness
Not sure if I can explain, but the whole smoke felt like when you have a good cigar, and there is a time when you are smoking the very last inch, and the taste tells you "it is time to put it down".... Now that is what I felt during the WHOLE smoke.... which I did not expected even though it is a "cheap" cigar.
And when I am saying cheap, I am sarcastic, because the machine made Balmoral domonican cigar, which is classified as worse, because it is shortfiller, and machine made dry cigar, is tasting way much better than this piece.

Recommend it?
ABSOLUTELY NO..... if you can, please stay away from this piece... and plkease stay away from the whole Madrigal Picador line.... does not worth a penny...
Macanudo Cafe Hyde Park3 Star RatingMurphy2239/18/2018 9:00 AM
A decent middle of the road cigar.  This is a pretty mild smoke and one I would keep on hand for friends or as a yardgar.

From a flavor profile, it was fairly smooth with some nuttiness
Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Toro3.5 Star RatingSilverstix9/18/2018 6:58 AM
Rested for 1 year @ 65%, smoked it on it's 1st birthday

Appearance: 13/15 - super oily wrapper, tons of tooth, a couple of pretty big veins and lumps. Looks like a Padron

Smoking Characteristics: 24/25 - very pleasantly surprised with the performance of this stick, the burn line was perfect the entire time and did not need any touch ups. The draw was spot on as well with a straight cut.  Ash held on for solid 1" chunks.  A slow burner.  Really nice.

Taste: 19/25 - this is where it fell a little flat for me - figuratively and literally. It started off with a pretty oily mouth feel and obvious sweetness. Nice start, medium bodied. Now 1-1/2" in, and it's still singing the same song. Earthy natural tobacco sweetness. No spice, no development of creaminess. At about the half way point, the it got a little bit richer, but still no spice or development. I put it out at the beginning of the 3/3 because the profile was one dimensional for me, sweet natural tobacco which was pleasant but got boring.

Overall: 29/35 - top marks for construction, pleasantly surprising. However the flavor profile for me was just boring and flat. I don't know if this is a result of sitting in my humidor for a year, or if this how they smoke fresh? This would be a no-frills type of cigar, the kind you smoke when you're on the boat or BBQ-ing and don't have time to focus on what you're smoking.

Total: 85 Points
Jose L. Piedra Petit Cazadores4 Star RatingCarlosoftHUN9/18/2018 1:30 AM
I smoke this JLP as the every-day cigar.
Although many of the people saying this is a cheap, crappy short filler cigar, but for me it is absolutely a good quality one.

The look of the cigar is not the nicest, because the body is not so consistent, also the cap is not well rounded, but I can live with it, because it looks more "rustic", and also the construction is still good.
It has a medium weight, and can cut the cigar easily all the time.

Beyond the quality Cuban tobacco, I can taste leather, and some spicyness, but the leather is dominating the taste.
The DB sayd medium-full in strength, and most of the cases I agree with it, because it starts as a medium smoke, and by the second half it becomes more stronger, so by the last inch it becomes full, or close to it.

I would absolutely recommend it, even though it is short filler, and not one of the famous brands, but in terms of the price - value it absolutely worth every penny.
Alec Bradley Black Market Vandal Toro1.5 Star RatingMurphy2239/17/2018 6:31 PM
This was a good looking stick and fairly well constructed.  Nice rich brown wrapper.   Cold draw was spicy but once lit, it was just the taste of dark  tobacco and had a fairly heavy nicotine kick for me.   The 1st 3rd produced little smoke and canoed a bit.   I gave it about 30 mins and it never got any better.
Flatbed Cigar Co. Track 74 Star RatingChefjohn9/17/2018 3:52 PM
I received this as part of a bomb from Mautrak and he estimated it had 3 years on it. I rested it for 33 days @ 65%. This stick had a very nice oily sheen to its wrapper with no soft spots, no veins to speak of and very minor sean visibility with a nice box press. The PLA was a distinct barnyard aroma. It cut very nicely and the PLD las very loose and airy. The foot toasted nicely and lit easily. The post light draw was loose and I’m given to understand this is typical with a larger ring cigar but still produced generous amount of smoke with a slightly leathery flavor and a subtle sweetness. A peppery spice manifested itself after about a 1/4 way through and remained at that level throughout. The burn line did wander slightly but corrected itself and required no touch ups or re lights. Despite this being a Med/Full cigar it was not overpowering at all and created a very pleasant experience. This definitely wont be the last of these I have.
Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill3.5 Star Ratingntanner9/17/2018 9:51 AM
     I have had this one tucked in the back of the humi for a few years now hoping it will improve with time. I am not an AB fan but I have had other vitola's of the Prensado and it's not a bad blend so let's see if letting it rest was a good use of humidor space or not. Still look's good 1610 day's after entering the humidor, wrapper has a dark caramel color to it and is pretty smooth with a slight oily sheen. Cannon is solid and cap seem's well applied. It cut's well and the draw is good with a wood flavor pre-light.
     Wood, almond note's, cream, toasted sugar cane and just a slight hint of spice.
     The second third has a mocha in the lead roll with wood in the background and a up tick in spice. Ash held to an inch plus and was solid and a medium grey in color, smoke production has been good as has the burn.
     The last third has a nice tobacco as the main flavor with some cream hint's and a sweet espresso. Spice has reached it's peak and balance is good.
     Not bad but not great either. Conclusion is that 4 plus years in the humidor didn't improve this one as much as I had hoped.

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