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9th Annual Cigar for the Troops DriveBy: SenorPablo
The 9th Annual “Cigars for Troops” drive is underway. This is a great opportunity to give back to those who protect our freedoms and earn the coveted "Troop Supporter" badge at the same time. You can find information here: A special thanks goes out to Nathan (nwb) for running the drive again.
September Points Contest is Under Way!By: SenorPablo
The points contest is under way for the month of September. The 26 members with the most points for the month have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Famous Smoke Shop. You can read the details HERE. To view the previous month's contest results see here.

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Cigar Geeks Critiques - Vendor Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
Camacho Liberty 2017September, 201780
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Mr. Awesome (ninfiction)
Overall the 2017 Liberty was a bit of a disappointment, but only because it got pretty boring toward... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2017September, 201788
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: klamm143
Overall - I enjoyed this stick. It had a few things about it that I mentioned and deducted points fo... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2017September, 201793
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: nirab
The Liberty 2017 is a wonderful cigar! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Smooth, yet bold, complex... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2017September, 201794
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Jason (jharrisx5)
I'll start off by saying that this is absolutely a box worthy cigar.  The flavors are deli... Read More
Camacho Liberty 2017September, 201791
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: PETE314
I wrote these notes and review a few weeks before typing them in.  I wanted to think more ... Read More

Cigar Geeks Critiques - Member Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
Jas Sum Kral Golem CovekSeptember, 201791
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: CHuck (Cfickter)
thank to the generosity of some mid-west Geeks I have had the opportunity to enjoy a few JSK blends ... Read More
Jas Sum Kral Golem CovekSeptember, 201792
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Kent (05Venturer)
OVerall I find this to be another fine offering from Riste @ JSK. I do tend to go for a bit smaller ... Read More
Jas Sum Kral Golem CovekSeptember, 201783
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Barry (benchjockey)
For me this was a one dimensional cigar that was dominated by it's Mexican San Andres wrapper. I wis... Read More
Jas Sum Kral Golem CovekSeptember, 201792
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: DRuff
This was the second Jas Sum Kral cigar I have tried, and this one knocked it out of the park for me.... Read More
Jas Sum Kral Golem CovekSeptember, 201784
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Don Miller (DonM)
By appearance, this was a well-constructed cigar.  I was disappointed with the burn and th... Read More

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Cigar Rating Reviewer Date
Aging Room Batch T112 Vivase4 Star RatingMacMac9/21/2017 8:06 PM
The Aging Room Batch T112 Vivase is a well made cigar. The cigar is firm. The seams are tight. There are some veins. The cigar lit easily and burn nicely. It did require one relight. The smoke was abundant and smooth. The flavors were earthy with cedar wood tones and a light peppery spice. Overall this is a good smoke. It was medium bodied and medium in strength.
Xikar HC Series Red Corojo Belicoso3.5 Star RatingShukpaw9/21/2017 3:42 PM
Nice looking medium brown cigar.  Good looking construction with minor veining.  Firm with some give.  Well applied cap.  Pre-aroma of grass with some spice.  Clipped with my V cutter.  Good pre-draw.  Lit easily and burned well throughout.  Easy draw with lots of smoke.  Held it's ash for 2 inches.  Nice light wood and leather flavor with a little spice.  Not much variation.  I found it to be on the more medium body side.  A nice solid well made cigar.  Good for the price.
Alta Gracia (Irish) Panatela Maduro4.5 Star Ratingslafond9/20/2017 1:22 PM
Have been buying in Euro Stick version from Famous Cigars. Now they are out and maybe backordered, although there is some indication on their website that they will no longer carry (sampler 1 box naturals and 1 box maduro)
This is my favorite short smoke in Maduro wrapper which is richer and has more flavor than natural.
Don Pepin Garcia (My Father Cigars) My Father (Rosado) Cedros Deluxe Cervantes4.5 Star RatingSmokin surfer9/19/2017 8:31 PM
The visual presentation is outstanding. Cedar blanketed with bands on the foot and canon, a smooth silky dark rosado wrapper leaf that has a sharply cut seam. Of course it smells of cedar with a light fruity mango  prelit draw. Perfectly smooth draw from a punch cut on the conservative side not loose at all. The cigar burns perfectly and produced great smoke volume througout with a faithful and solid near white ash surrounding a grey inner core. Flavors dance with wood, citrus, chili pepper, cocoa intertwined in an earthy cedar base.  Complex enough for me in the medium body category which is great. A cigar this fine in presentation would be a waste if only a hardcore full strength smoker could enjoy. The vitola is simply perfect in quality and quantity. I ordered a second box while on the fifth stick of box one, while they are backordered and still on sale in FSS.  Looking forward to ageing these and enjoying them with friends for many evenings to come!
Rodrigo Corona Project Vol.14.5 Star RatingBrlesq9/18/2017 7:04 PM
A beautiful, chocolate brown corona cigar with a pigtail cap with a closed foot. Solid construction which leads to an unusually long smoke time for a corona. Perfect draw and razor-line burn.  A complex cigar with notes of strong black pepper, some floral notes, woodiness, tree-fruits like plum or cherry, and a creamy quality that rounds out and tames the strong peppery notes.  Definitely full strength and body, probably more enjoyable to a veteran cigar smoker rather than a novice. A little powerhouse!
Caldwell Cigar Co. Blind Man's Bluff Magnum2 Star RatingPhilB9/18/2017 5:20 PM
Perhaps I landed on a dud, but this one really didn't do it for me.  The thing is a monster, obviously, at 6x60, but it was harsh from the beginning.  Lit slowly with a soft flame, as opposed to my usual matches (it was windy, and the thing is huge), yet still it tasted burnt.  I've enjoyed the smaller Connecticut version of this, but this one was all wrong for me.  One of the rare cigars I threw out, let alone before the halfway point.  Flavours disagreed with me strongly.

Benefit of the doubt that I just got a bad one.
Diesel Unholy Cocktail Salomon3.5 Star RatingCap10_Morgan9/18/2017 11:46 AM
Age:  Ordered online 2 weeks ago, but cello was nice and brown.

Drink: Bulleitt Rye

Shape was a little lopsided, and there was one very large vein.  It definitely wasn't very pretty to look at.  Prelight smelled of rich earthy barnyard tobacco.  Cap cut cleanly and draw was surprisingly nice considering the narrow foot with this vitola.

Didn't bother toastimg small foot and just lit.  Immediately tasted dark chocolate with bakers spice in background.  Once the burn reached the fatter part, there was a nutty/malty flavor with a faint hint of bread on retrohale. So far, this cigar was a winner!

Flavors stayed creamy through 1st third, with a little leather and cedar creeping in the background. Spice started to pick up in mid, along with a little bitterness.  Creamy rich tobacco flavor still overpowered the bitterness and was still a very enjoyable smoke.  The final third became more bitter.  Still had a nice flavor in the background, but the bitterness was now too strong and I ended up tossing it around the band.

Burn was absolutely razor sharp with good amounts of smoke throughout.  Considering the pricepoint, this was still a very enjoyable cigar.  It was a rather long smoke, so even if I only smoke 2/3, it was worth every penny.
Tatuaje Monster Series #3 The Face3.5 Star RatingHot Stuff x9/17/2017 10:37 PM
This cigar did not live up to my expectations. Construction was excellent, but I found the flavor to be somewhat bland.  I guess that's better than being bad. I can't even describe the flavor because there really wasn't much there. I was getting plenty of smoke production, and I could "feel" the nicotine at about med-full strength, but the flavor was light and airy, like a mild shade-wrapped cigar.      
Viaje Satori Nirvana (Round)4 Star Ratingntanner9/17/2017 5:57 PM
     Nice dark wrapper, slightly rough in appearance with the seem's showing wrinkles and some pretty good size vein lines. It has a unique aroma to the wrapper, almost vinegar like. Cannon is solid and it takes a v-cut well and has a good draw with that vinegar tang to it pre-light.
     Getting mocha and a slight vinegar tang with good spice in the retro and picking up some toasted malt note's along with almond.
      The tang has faded, still getting mocha and now some leather with the almond and toasted malt. Burn has been good so far and smoke production is not bad. Ash held almost to the half way mark and was solid and a very light grey color.
      The last third has the tangyness returning, still getting mocha and now some wood notes along with a creamy hint that balances thing's out nicely.
     Not a bad cigar, good any time you're looking for a decent smoke to pass some time. Construction and burn were good and the flavor profile was pretty unique but worked well.
Jose L. Piedra Cazadore3 Star RatingVanilla Gorilla9/17/2017 6:15 AM
Not the prettiest looking cigar by any means. Very simple and plain looking band, which is loose on the stick and easily can slide off when taking one of these out of their box of 5. The wrapper is bumpy and loose on all 5 sticks in the box as well. The stick is not straight, and has a very dry look to it.

The cigar will punch well, cuts even better and offers a nice draw. Out of the three that I have smoked so far, I have had no burn issues as of yet. The ash will hold strong past two inches and does not fall until knocked off.

In my opinion this cigar is the biggest disappointment when it comes to the smoke itself. I found little to not flavour past the tobacco. Little to no complexity and while it's marked as a medium strength I'd be as bold as to bump it down a notch to a light smoke.

This is a budget stick and in Canada, or at least where I purchased them in Ottawa, they go for 5.85 a stick (keeping in mind Canadian tobacco tax is 56.6%) The box of 5 that I purchased was $31.50 taxes in. You get what you pay for with this cigar, which is an OK day to day smoke.

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