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6th Annual Cigar for the Troops DriveBy: SenorPablo
The 6th Annual Cigars for Troops drive is underway! If you would like to donate, please visit the following thread:

All donors will receive the coveted "Troop Supporter" badge. Last year's total was 1,343 cigars, and we would like to surpass that with your support. If you have any questions beyond what is addressed in the thread above, please reach out to Nathan (nwb).
Toys for Tots DriveBy: SenorPablo
This year's 2014 Marine Toys for Tots drive is over, and the very generous brotherhood here pulled together for an amazing $1,595.16. This is a great accomplishment that will go to a great organization that provides gifts for those less fortunate children in time for Christmas. A special thanks goes out to Brad (Longhorn) for running the drive again this year.
April Points Contest is Under Way!By: SenorPablo
The points contest is under way for the month of April. The 35 members with the most points for the month have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to CI. You can read the details HERE. To view the previous month's contest results see here.

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Cigar Geeks Critiques - Vendor Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
Bobalu Red Label Sun Grown Habano Robusto GrandeApril, 201586
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: lubrix
I would like to thank Jeff from "Bobalu" and nirab for sponsoring this geek critique.I enjoyed this ... Read More
Bobalu Red Label Sun Grown Habano Robusto GrandeApril, 201581
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Kent (05Venturer)
I really believe this cigar would benefit from more aging.The flavors to me were a bit too "fresh" a... Read More
Bobalu Red Label Sun Grown Habano Robusto GrandeApril, 201574
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Stephen (sjn1117)
I truly wanted to love this cigar being it is rolled not far from home but it just wasn't for me. I ... Read More
Bobalu Red Label Sun Grown Habano Robusto GrandeApril, 201578
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Stephen (appollo)
I found this stick not bad but very consistant in flavor profile.The flavors are all very subtle wit... Read More
Leaf & Bean Island JimApril, 201578
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Kid Montana
The Island Jim is an interesting cigar, and I could easily see how someone would really really enjoy... Read More

Cigar Geeks Critiques - Member Sponsored [All Geek Critiques]
La Flor Dominicana N.A.S.April, 201585
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Kevin Anderson (Kevin48438)
While a small cigar that many will smoke quickly, it took me over an hour to get a bit more than two... Read More
La Flor Dominicana N.A.S.April, 201587
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Michael Preston (StogieDad)
If you are in the mood for an in your face smoke that will last you about 45 minutes and you like LO... Read More
Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying PigApril, 201588
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Roger Brushaber II (Rbrushaber)
This is one fine cigar, and I am glad I received the chance to review this cigar in the contest. I h... Read More
Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying PigApril, 201593
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: Otter
Total burn time was a little over an hour. I would classify this as a full bodied smoke at medium to... Read More
Drew Estate Liga Privada Unico Serie Feral Flying PigApril, 201598
CG Rating
Written by Cigar Geeks Member: mpurtle01
Wow!  I have smoked a couple of these in the past, but age has really brought the flavors ... Read More

Recent Cigar Reviews [All Cigar Reviews] [Cigar Database]
Cigar Rating Reviewer Date
La Flor de Cano (Cuban) Selectos (Handmade)3.5 Star Ratingquickme4/27/2015 8:38 AM
It was a little snug but very smoke able.  Starts off very herbal with notes of sun dried tomato.  No soft sweetness or leather.  One dimensional stick without any transitions.  Cheap smoke but not for my profile.  If you like a mild-medium smoke without any floral,or tobacco flavor this may be for you. Stick had a '13 date code to it.  
Foundry Worm Hole 2064 Blend Hal-ION3 Star Ratingpkbowen4/26/2015 9:32 PM
Smoked with ca. 140 days humidor time and a straight cut.  Gorgeous construction, perfect draw resistance, and a razor-sharp draw throughout.  The first half tasted like dry, metallic earth (was this the "Martian tobacco" that they joked about on the packaging?) and required libation to wet my whistle while smoking.  The second half tasted more like toasted oats, but was not all that much better.  Really nice nose of oatmeal cookies.  

Not exactly a "sensory experience," but it was a high-quality, well-constructed stick.  The Wormhole 1964 was miles better than this.  I'll call the 2064 "average-to-good," 80/100, (~3 stars).
Partagas (Cuban) Serie D No. 44.5 Star RatingMacMac4/26/2015 9:19 PM
I enjoyed the smoke. It had a rich flavor, a nice easy full draw. It burned evenly and it had a nice wrapper. I cannot say it was hands down better than other cigars, but it was very good and I would give it a high rating.
Surrogates (L'Atelier) Cracker Crumbs4 Star Ratingsjn11174/26/2015 11:53 AM
Finally scored some of these small smokes and man they were worth the search. Definitely a little flavor bomb that pumps out the smoke for a small cigar. Nice rich tobacco with a nice spice and slight pepper that never overbears. You gotta get someof these.
San Cristobal Elegancia Corona4.5 Star RatingJay'D4/25/2015 9:43 PM
What can I say other than i enjoyed this cigar, for such a small stick and ring size it had a great burn and draw and produced an excellent thick rich looking smoke. The pull was spot on, not lose and not tight. Flavor was nice as well, not a strong cigar, borderline medium if you ask me. Over all a very good cigar and good for those that like them mild, probably would not favor those that like the strong powerful smokes.
E.P. Carrillo INCH No.702.5 Star Ratingntanner4/25/2015 3:27 PM
     Well this thing is huge. I got it from Nirabs figs, twigs and bigs pass. He required a large RG cigar in there and this is what I got. Cant say much though since I sent one to I think Don for my part of the pass. It has some serious weight to it and look's like it probably took two bunchers working together to get this thing assembled. The wrapper is actually a pretty nice specimen and the cannon is very solid which makes me a little nervous about how long it's going to take me to smoke it. Well I had to hunt a bit to find something to cut this with and after locating a V-cutter that I could fit the end in it cut's well and the draw is very open. Practically had to start a fire in the ashtray to get a big enough flame to actually toast this behemoth but after a bit of work it takes an even toast.
     My first flavors are of almond and cream with a bit of spice in the retro. A very mild start with a nutty room aromatic. Actually getting a little floral and some sugar cane too and a nice tobacco in the aftertaste.
     Well it's been around 50 minutes now and I am a third of the way through. The main flavor now is tobacco and the spice has picked up a little plus there is a slight chocolate note.
     The last third is more of what the first two were. It took about 2 hours and 50 minutes to smoke this and between the lack of complexity and mild flavor profile I wasn't overly impressed. Dont think I will be looking for any more of these.
Ave Maria (Core line) Barbarossa4.5 Star Ratingebernabe4/25/2015 12:11 PM
Great cigar I got on cbid.  Appearance was nice.  Nice prelight aroma and good draw.  Cigar burned even requiring no touch up or relights.  

Flavors were a sweet and spicy most of the cigar.

Will smoke again.
Crowned Heads Headley Grange Corona Gorda3.5 Star Ratingebernabe4/25/2015 12:02 PM
Cigar had a nice looking wrapper.  Good draw with an even burn requiring no touch up or relights.

To me the cigar was full bodied.  The flavors I got were earthy and a little leather.  Later on I got a very peppery spice.
Partagas (Cuban) Mille Fleurs4.5 Star Ratingcmmayo4/25/2015 10:41 AM
I overpaid for this cigar in Canada and smuggled it into America 3 days before the President made it legal. Now I'm on the patio of a beach condo next to the Gulf of Mexico, enjoying the great flavors. It's a tasty cedar, vanilla and coffee bean blend that builds in strength to a hearty but smooth medium strength. Great quick smoke after a big breakfast.
1502 Ruby Lancero4 Star Ratingpkbowen4/24/2015 9:32 PM
It was a solid stick with enjoyable flavors. The first third saw quite a bit of red and black pepper with ample nuttiness and a nose that smelled of campfire. The second third had a mouthwatering (almost acidic) flavor that I couldn't quite place in addition to the black pepper. The final third tasted primarily of charcoal and woody pepper (without the accompanying tongue-tingle) and the foot smoke smelled like grilling meat. Neat! Probably wouldn't run out and buy a box, but this was a good smoke. I would rate it "very good," 86/100. Paired well with a decaf coffee.

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