Altadis African Queen~ review
Posted 2/21/2009 3:46 PM (#23981)
Subject: Altadis African Queen~ review


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First of all when I ordered this blend I thought it was a non-aromatic. When it arrived I found that it was a lightly flavored aromatic.

The un-lit aroma is sweet and smells of burnt sugar. It is a little damp so drying it some would be advised. It packs nice, no big stems. It lights good with little effort and stays lit as long as you stay attentive. With light tamping and a couple re-lights it smokes nice.

The flavor starts very mild with that burnt sugar and molasses taste. While it burns it produces alot of sweetened smoke that could be offensive to some people, it is tolerable though. A small tounge bite after each puff shows its hidden power. While puffing I notice this tobacco produces alot of moisture, I needed to run a pipe cleaner through the stem at the halfway point. As it burns it becomes more of a med, almost med-full bodied, overflavored mess. The sweetness really turned me off to this blend, Ill stick with non-aros blends.

If your into aromatics I think you may like this blend, it doesnt taste bad and is less flavored than some. It burns kind of hot and wet and it smells like burning sugar.

2 stars

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