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There are 28 cigars in the Current Inventory.
Argyle (Core Line) Corona (5.5 x 46, DR)1$3.00
Wow what a pleasant surprise!  This applies to the maduro versio.  The conneticut shade wrapped is okay.  Fairly smooth but not much in the way of flavor for me.  I was able to get some nice cream old the retrohale but beyond that nut much.

Purchased this cigar at my local smoke shop for $3.00.  This was a great stogie for the price and is in part what is driving the 3.5 stars.

The initial cloud had me checking the band to make sure I hadn't lit a Gehrka. I haven't read the other reviews about this smoke but I will when I get done here.  The draw on the Argyle was just right for my liking, not to tight and not loose either.  Burned evenly the whole way through.  The essence was floral like right off the bat and had a slight woody flavor just behind my teeth.  Firm long ash upto almost 2" at one point before I lost nerve and gave it a tap. All in all a great experience and for the price it seemed to get better as I neared the finish.  Just a little peppery as I got to the nub.  What was a bit disappointing was that it got real toasty at the end and I had let go a little over an inch and a half because I wasn't willing to baby it any more.  I always feel a little ripped if I can't get down to about an inch.

This could be my new daily double.  I'm set on trying a few more before I commit to a bundle but am hoping the consistency is loyal to the end.
Cuban Delights Corona Rum (5.5 x 42, DR)138/22/20103564 Days
This is not a bad cigar for the price.  The only thng is that since I have been herfn on the non flavor type Arvid recently I have began to not care for the sweetness that s spool pronounced.  These are sweet on the lips as wel as in the smoke.  The contruction and consistency leaves somethng to be desired.  There are a number of soft spots in each stick and the wrapper coloring is amazingly inconsistent from smoke to smoke.  They burn pretty evenly and for about a buck each they aren't bad.  In fact I rather like the aroma but the sweetness is so over powering that. Have had rme picking any flavors out of the medium draw.  That part I must say is good.  I have burned about 7 of them so far and every one draws nicely.  Lastly they don't flame out unless completely ignored.  I can't say that I will ever buy another box of flavored cigars.  I can usually smoke them down to a pretty small nub and they don't get too hot or so soft you can't enjoy it.  The last 3" tend towards the ever palatable spice like pepper.  If it's a flavored smoke you are after the price can't be beat.
Drew Estate La Vieja Habana Connecticut Belicoso D (6.5 x 54, NIC)111/10/20103484 Days$4.99
Graycliff G2 Turbo Double Happiness (10 x 48, NIC)111/5/20103489 Days$2.50
Gurkha/ K. Hansotia & Co. Assassin Churchill (7.25 x 52, HON)19/20/20103535 Days
Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur 1066 Selection No. 1 (Vintage 2001) (5.25 x 50, HON)111/3/20103491 Days$5.00
La Herencia Cubana Oscuro Fuerte Robusto (5.5 x 54, NIC)111/5/20103489 Days$2.50
Great construction on the smoke.  At first light quite peppery which tapered off quickly.  I paired it with a cup of coffe and was my morning smoke.  I found this to be a medium to full body stick and it gave me some almost brandy like sensation after a few puffs.  This faded to the background with more of a earth and leather finish.

The cigars draw was perfect and the ash was firm with sort of a velvety outer.  The retro produced more pepper and the room smoke was quite pleasant.  This was a worthy buy and I rate it as a 4 do to the reasonable price point.  

La Herencia Cubana Robusto (5 x 50, NIC)111/5/20103489 Days$2.50
La Perla Habana Black Pearl Rojo Toro (6 x 50, NIC)110/28/20103497 Days
This smoke had a great room aroma but missed the complexity I was hoping for.  The draw was tight and the ash was surprisingly loose.  The flavor boasted a reasonable cocoa in the latter third.  Keeping this tight rojo lit was a bit of challenge as well.  I can't say I would buy more of these or have them as part of my regular rotation.
Omar Ortez Originals Robusto (5 x 54, NIC)111/11/20103483 Days$4.75
Ortez y Turrent Dos Familias Robusto (5.25 x 52, NIC)111/2/20103492 Days$4.75
Park avenue Series 441$2.50
Perdomo Lot 23 Churchill Maduro (7 x 50, NIC)111/2/20103492 Days$5.50
Prelight was not impressive.  In fact very little aroma as it sits unlit.
Initial hit brings a woodsy flavor, this was prominent upon my lips as well.  As I retrohaled I recieved an abundance of pepper right off, to the point of almost burning.  As I dragged a couple more puffs I realized maybe I over did it some on the retro.  At this point I'm burned to about 1/2 inch and really want to enjoy this cigar so I take a couple more drags looking for some complexity, I even swish with some JD and water to hopefully clean up my pallet.  Puffing again and a smaller more delicate retro this time... Nothng prominent at all coming through but more wood and pepper.  As I hit the 1" mark I lost what appeared to be a fairly solid ash.  Fortunately it landed in the tray.  The burn in slow and consistent but no distinction to set this stick on stilts.  I'm an aggressive smoker and as I neared the 2 inch mark I began to get some straw/ grass overtones.  As I said I'm pairing this with some Jack and water on the rocks.  At this point I'm wondering if the great meal I had (pastsa with red sauce and garlic bread) has got my buds depressed.  I'm gonna let this pordoma rest a bit and come at it again later.

Okay back at it and the second half did provide a bit more character.  All in all I didn't hate this smoke but not something I would add to my mix.
Punch (Core Line) Cafe Royale Maduro (5.625 x 45, HON)110/12/20103513 Days$3.00
Romeo y Julieta 1875 125th Anniversary (7.62 x 50, DR)1
Royal Gold Casino Gold Glass Tube (6 x 44, HON)111/12/20103482 Days$3.80

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